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Social media’s importance in marketing tactics is expanding by the day. Many firms opt to carry out the majority of their marketing strategy solely through social media management and social media advertising. As a result of this extensive use, the criteria for “excellent content” evolve and become more competitive. As a result, a Social Media Specialist‘s research, planning, and reporting are critical for your company to reach its target audience.

As Genius Technology, we offer expert Social Media Consultation and assist your brand in developing image-supporting tactics.

Genius Digital Marketing Social Media Consulting Service

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Management of Social Media and Content Creation

Each brand has its own social media channels that should be prioritized in relation to the industry in which it operates. As a result, we decide jointly on the social media platforms in which you should participate as a first step before beginning content development in order to establish the appropriate engagement. We plan material in accordance with the style of the platforms in question. We assess the best way to deliver the service or advertised product to users and then develop your social media content. We move your business to the forefront of current trends by creating content that is appropriate for your target audience.

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Building Brand Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management

We quickly monitor the interaction status of your account in the field of Social Media Management in order to enhance customer connections and ensure client happiness. Throughout our collaboration, we respond quickly to your comments, mails, likes, and other activities. We create efficient social media plans that match your expectations by doing a more accurate analysis based on input from your target audience.

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Management of Social Media Advertising

Today’s digital media channels, which are utilized by millions of people of all ages, make it simpler to reach a larger audience on a little budget. We provide expert social media advertising management for your brand as Genius Digital Marketing  and Social Media Agency. Our Social Media specialist team ensures that your company meets potential customers with the proper marketing picture and content.

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Data Analysis from Social Media

We ensure that the generated data is examined as another vital component of our Social Media Consultancy service. We keep a tight eye on the issue by evaluating social media advertising results and interaction outcomes from content interactions on a regular basis. We establish our tactics to be followed in Social Media Management procedures based on the data that has been reviewed. In this approach, we build your brand’s relationship with its customers.

Why should you use Genius Digital Marketing's Social Media Consulting Service?

From the beginning, Genius Digital Marketing has provided our customers with a boutique Social Media Consultancy service. We comprehend each of our clients’ aims and location to the greatest extent possible, and we assess their expectations with great sensitivity. As a consequence of our investigation, we create a plan to deliver the best answer. We like being a part of your brand’s digital transformation in order to stay ahead of market advances and rivals, and we are honored to be a part of your work.

Our Fundamental Services; Social Media Consulting

  • Trend-driven social media content creation
  • Production of industry-appropriate social media content
  • Ad management on social media
  • In-depth industry and competition research
  • Customer connection management, interaction management
  • Work with hashtags and keyword detection
  • Data analysis for social media advertisements


We solely focus on the wants and needs of our customers with the full social media consultation service we provide. You can contact us if you want to take advantage of our digital transformation services and learn more about the issue.